How much do you charge?
It depends on the kind of photo shoot, the number of people, and the length of time the photo shoot takes. Please see my services page for more information on this question.
Do you require a deposit? When is it due?

Yes, the deposit is due as soon as you want to officially book your session so the date can be held.

What is your refund or cancellation policy?

It depends on the kind of photo session you have scheduled. We can talk about this in more detail once scheduling is taking place.

How will I view my photos?

You will be given access to a link where you can view all your photos digitally.

Do you provide digital files?


Can I order prints or albums directly from you?


Do you offer retouching, color adjustment, or other corrective services?

Yes, those are all included!

Will you convert my photos to black and white?


Do you add special effects to our photographs?

I don’t, but if this is something you’re interested in we can discuss it!

Should we meet in person first?

That is not necessary unless you are a bride and groom, in which case I like to include a free engagement session so we can get to know each other and be more comfortable the day of the wedding.

Will you work with our wedding planner?


Do you charge a travel fee? What does that cover?

I do, if I’m going to be traveling long distance. It covers gas and the extra travel time.

Do you offer discounts (military, student, etc.)?

Not at this time, but again it is something we can discuss.

Do you have insurance?

Not at this time, however certain wedding venues I’ve worked do require it – at which point I will get it for that specific shoot.

Do you keep backups of my photos?

Yes, however they will only be available to you online for a designated amount of time. After that time expires, you will still be able to regain access to them, but you’ll have to contact me first so I can make them available to you again.

What if you have an equipment failure or computer malfunction?

I have several back up systems in place for these kinds of disasters!

What kind of photography equipment do you use?

I have a Canon 7D Body (upgrading soon!) and several different lenses ranging from micro to telephoto.

How do you prepare before a job?

Aside from preparing my equipment, I like to explore the site of our photo shoot ahead of time so I know where I’d like to pose my clients.

Wedding Photography

Will you hold my wedding date?

Yes, once a deposit is received your date is booked!

When can we see our wedding photos?

It usually takes me about 2-4 weeks to complete the editing, however I will post sneak peaks along the way!

Will you scout out our venue before our wedding?


Can I customize your wedding package to fit my needs?


Do you include engagement photo sessions in your wedding package?

Yes! An engagement session is included for free with wedding packages, and other sessions (rehearsal dinner, for example) can be added!

What are your payment terms for wedding photography?

I require a 50% deposit to hold your wedding date, and the remaining balance is due no later than 48 hours before your wedding day.

Can we provide you with a wedding photo shot list?


Do you photograph LGBTQ+ weddings?


What happens if you can't photograph our wedding (sickness, etc.)?

If this were to happen I would personally handle finding a replacement photographer. More information on these circumstances will be discussed in our wedding contract.

Will you travel to my destination wedding?

Yes! I do require a travel fee depending on the distance.

Will you work with our wedding planner?


What if I lose my wedding photos?

I will have a backup!

Do you have any advice on how to look my best?

I am happy to share tips and tricks I have learned along the way!


Why did you become a photographer?

Photography is important to me, and it makes me so happy to share it with other people!

How would you describe your style of photography?

I would describe it as telling a story – it can be anything from an emotional love story, to a bright, colorful fun story!

How long have you been in business?

Since 2011.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing the reactions of my clients when they get their photographs!

What matters most in your photography?

Making people SO happy!

Do you have any advice for an aspiring photographer?

Just be yourself, and take that camera everywhere with you!  Get as comfortable as you can with your camera!